17 ways to increase your Fuel Economy from Nissan of LaGrange

Some simple tips can help increase your fuel economy. Even slight
increases in fuel economy can provide significant savings over time.

  1.  Accelerate slowly and smoothly. Maintain cruising speeds with
    a constant accelerator position.
  2.  Drive at moderate speeds on the highway. Driving at high speed
    lowers fuel economy.
  3.  Avoid unnecessary stopping and braking. Maintain a safe distance
    behind other vehicles.
  4.  Use a proper gear range which suits road conditions. On level
    roads, shift into high gear as soon as possible.
  5. Avoid unnecessary engine idling.
  6.  Keep your engine tuned up.
  7.  Follow the recommended periodic maintenance schedule.
  8.  Keep the tires inflated to the correct pressure. Low tire pressure
    increases tire wear and lowers fuel economy.
  9.  Keep the wheels in correct alignment. Improper alignment
    increases tire wear and lowers fuel economy.
  10. Use the air conditioner only when necessary. Air conditioner
    operation lowers fuel economy.
  11.  Use your vehicle’s Eco mode setting (if equipped).
  12.  Maintain speed when climbing hills, instead of trying to accelerate.
  13.  Remove excess cargo from your vehicle, especially heavy items.
  14.  Use cruise control on the highway.
  15.  Use the Nissan-recommended grade of motor oil.
  16.  Combine short errands or trips.
  17.  Carry cargo in the trunk or cargo area whenever possible,
    instead of on a roof rack.

Nissan of LaGrange, Georgia offers new Nissan cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers to LaGrange, Newnan, Columbus, Auburn, the Valley, and Atlanta. We also offer Genuine Nissan Service and Maintenance in our Auto Repair Shop. Nissan of LaGrange should be your first stop for a new or used vehicle, oil changes using Genuine Nissan Oil Filters and factory recommended oil, brake service, car battery sales, tires, and auto glass replacement. Nissan of LaGrange where “You Come First!” Always open at http://www.nissanoflagrange.com.You can also reach us at 706-884-1744.

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