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The Intelligent Body Assembly System is a patented vehicle assembly system that takes accuracy to a new level by employing a network of robots and optical sensors that provide amazing precision. The system ensures that every vehicle exhibits the same exceptional fit and finish.

How IBAS-II Differs from Conventional Assembly

Conventional vehicle body assembly uses an assembly line process that moves the pieces along a line as they are being welded together. Body parts are located at various stages along the line and the vehicle body moves forward to each station for assembly and welding. When each stage is completed the body moves forward again, and more welding is performed. Parts are welded onto the body in several stages.

As each body moves from station to station, some components can become slightly misaligned from the motion that takes place along the assembly line. The result may be a structure welded together with an accumulation of dimensional errors built in.

With IBAS-II, the body is assembled in one spot. As major subassemblies or body panels move into the welding area, robots grab and clamp them in perfect alignment based on blueprints stored in the computer’s memory. Then robots weld the fundamental parts of the vehicle together while they are held in place. There is no shifting and moving, and no errors occur during assembly.

The next stage is inspection. Robots check the body to ensure that it matches the design blueprint precisely. Special cameras and lasers scan the surface of the body, then recreate it in the computer’s memory, comparing it against the blueprint. The result of the scan is fed back to the IBAS-II welding station. Even if there is a minute error, it is corrected automatically in the next body moving through the system. In other words, the robots “learn” to build a better vehicle with each body that comes through the line.

The tolerances that result from a body assembled by IBAS-II are ±1 mm. That’s 4/100ths of an inch. In addition, IBAS-II allows precise location of attachment points of suspension components, maintaining proper suspension geometry for enhanced handling.

Finally, IBAS-II provides greater flexibility in the manufacturing process and a quicker changeover to new models while still maintaining precise build tolerances.

The primary benefit of the Intelligent Body Assembly System is that it assembles the major components of the body at one location, and then verifies that all vehicle bodies meet identical tolerances. Closer, tighter-fitting panels and doors provide a quieter, rattle-free vehicle for many years to come.

Info source – Nissan Virtual Academy

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