4 Most Common Tire Wear Problems

Today’s Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs are fitted with advanced safety systems. Yet the four small contact points of rubber on the road remain among the most important safety features — and are perhaps the easiest to overlook. Tires also affect vehicle performance, ride comfort, and fuel economy.

Tires should be checked for inflation pressure and tread wear periodically. A tire with incorrect pressure or worn tread has diminished road-holding capability and can be a hazard. Certain types of tread wear also can indicate serious vehicle problems that should be corrected immediately.

We asked our Nissan Factory Technicians what causes most tire wear issues. The following  are the four more common problems and their tread wear warning signals.

Over/Under Inflation

An over-inflated tire prevents the sidewalls from flexing, resulting in rapid wear at the center of the tread. An under-inflated tire allows the sidewalls to flex excessively, resulting in rapid wear at the edges of the tread. This issue is usually corrected by inflating the tires to the proper tire pressure. If you drive with the incorrect pressure too long you may need to replace the tires much earlier than you planned.

Excessive Toe-In or Toe-Out

Excessive toe-in or toe-out causes a tire to be dragged at a slight angle as it rolls forward. This will wear the entire tread to one side, as well as diminish performance and fuel economy. Excessive toe-in or toe-out is usually corrected by adjusting the steering or suspension system with an alignment

Excessive Camber

Excessive positive or negative camber will wear a tire’s tread more rapidly on one side or the other. Excessive camber is usually corrected by adjusting the suspension system with an alignment.

Unbalanced Wheels

When a wheel is not properly balanced, the driver will experience vibrations in the vehicle while driving. This occurs when the wheel and tire is heavier on one side than the other. As the wheel spins, the heavy side will cause it to bounce. In extreme cases the tire will actually lose contact with the pavement as it bounces up and down. Unbalanced wheels can usually be corrected by having them balanced and then road tested for driving comfort.

Think you have a tire issue? Call us at 706-884-1744 or stop by Nissan of LaGrange. We will get your issue corrected!

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