What the press is saying about the new 2017 Nissan Armada……

Don’t just take what we say at Nissan of LaGrange as the last word on Armada. See what the press has to say. Basically, Infiniti comfort at a Nissan price. Here’s a brief look at the first reviews.

(August 1, 2016)

“Instead of being truckish, the Armada is as tame and composed as any large unibody crossover. For Armada buyers and Nissan engineers, that’s a triumph and a high compliment — not an easy task . . . If you’ve been drooling over a Land Cruiser but don’t have most of $100,000 to spend, the Armada is the ticket.”

(July 31, 2016)

“Ride quality is excellent. The Armada soaks up the bumps with quiet ease, not allowing much in the way of noise or motion into the cabin. Road and wind noise are also impressively damped thanks to the acoustic windshield and front-door glass, and the Armada’s brakes are strong and progressive as well. The overall experience is very much like driving the more expensive Infiniti QX80, which isn’t a bad thing.”

(August 1, 2016)

“As big as this truck is, the combination of smooth engine power at low rpm and well-timed shifts from the seven-speed automatic make it feel far lighter than the specs suggest. Hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering does its part, too, making it easy to place the Armada on the road and giving the smooth, progressive steering feel we miss from even the best electric-power-steering setups today.”

(August 1, 2016)

“The Armada seems to be surprisingly capable in rugged off-road situations. This observation is based on a very brief demo with a 4-wheel drive Armada on a simulated course with extreme off-road camber banking, steep ups and downs, and marginal traction. The long wheelbase that goes with a big SUV is the wrong prescription for roadless work, but the Armada’s 9.1 inches of ground clearance [SV; 9.2 inches on SL and Platinum] makes it more useful than most full-size utes for driving in the rough.”

(August 2016)

“No crossover, however, can match the 8,500-pound tow rating applicable to all versions of the Armada; a trailer hitch is standard. And a crossover isn’t likely to be as capable off-road — even though the Armada isn’t quite as hard core in this regard as its foreign-market sibling.”

(August 2016)

“From behind the wheel, we were hard-pressed to tell the difference between the QX80 and the Armada. Only the badging gave it away. And that’s not because the QX80 doesn’t drip with luxury; it’s because the Armada is just that upscale.”

(August 1, 2016)

“Nissan’s new global SUV surprised us with its engaging, yet refined road manners and impressive acceleration.”

(August 1, 2016)

“Now available are forward collision warning and mitigation, lane-departure warning and mitigation, blind-spot alert, rear cross-traffic alert, and 360-degree Around View Monitor with moving object detection. What this all adds up to is a thoroughly modern and capable SUV that — at least in the top Platinum trim level we drove — rivals some premium makes for features and ‘class.’”

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