Safety Saturday – Blind Spot Warning System Explained

Blind Spot Warning System on the Nissan Rogue

Nissan’s Blind Spot Warning System helps alert drivers if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot area. Depending on the vehicle, the system uses either radar sensors mounted near each corner of the rear bumper or the wide-angle rearview camera of the RearView Monitor to detect vehicles in adjacent lanes.

If a vehicle is detected in the blind spot area, the system illuminates an indicator light near the A-pillar or in the outside mirror, depending on the vehicle. The indicator light is illuminated on the same side of the vehicle as the vehicle detected in the adjacent lane. If the driver then uses the turn signal to indicate a turn into the adjacent lane where the other vehicle is detected, the indicator begins to flash and an audible warning sounds.

The radar sensors can detect vehicles on either side of the vehicle within the detection zone. The forward limit of the detection zone aligns with the outside mirror of the vehicle and extends rearward approximately 10 feet beyond the rear bumper and approximately 10 feet to the sides.

This advanced safety system is available on many Nissan models. Stop by Nissan of LaGrange and let us show you great technology in action.

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