Why Service Your Nissan at Your Local Nissan Dealership? Reason#1


Trained Master Technicians. 

It’s not the special tools and equipment that can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, free wi-fi, or even having your car leave us cleaner than when it arrived.

The main reason you should have your Nissan serviced at your local dealership (hopefully it’s Nissan of LaGrange) is the dedicated Nissan Master Technician. Our Nissan Master Technician has repaired Nissans about as long as I’ve been alive; hint Gerald Ford was president.  He know the ins and outs of the 240Z, the GT-R, the Altima, Titan diesels, Maximas, the Rogue, electric LEAFs and every other Nissan in between.

We send our technicians to school to learn about the latest transmissions, steering, and engine technology. They spend days away from their families to learn how to repair your Nissan. Our vehicles push the limits of vehicle technology, and our Master Technicians are the professionals that fix things when the limits are pushed a little too far.

So next time you have an issue with your Nissan ask one question – Do you have a Nissan Master Technician? If they don’t, bring your car on over to Nissan of LaGrange. We will get it fixed. Also, Did I mention that it will be cleaner when you pick it up than when you dropped it off.

We aren’t the least expensive, but we are the best.

Hutch Pine – General Manager – Nissan of LaGrange, Georgia

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